Single Mode/Multimode LC Fiber Patch cord/Pigtail

The LC fiber patch cord use a 1.25mm ceramic (zirconia) ferrule instead of the 2.5mm ferrule. It has a push-and-latch design providing pull-proof stability in system rack mounts. Externally LC patch cord resembles a standard RJ45 telephone jack. Internally they resemble a miniature version of the SC connector. Highly favored for single mode applications.

  • Product Name: Patch cord
  • Brand Place of Origin: GL Hunan,China (Mainland)
  • Provide OEM/ODM Services !:
  • Categories: ODN Products, Patch Cord
  • Description


    Package & Tansportation

    1. Gigabit Ethernet;
    2. Video;
    3. Active Device Termination;
    4. Premise Installations;
    5. Telecommunication Networks;
    6. Multimedia

    1. Compliance with IEC, Telcordia;
    2. RJ-45 style housing with push-pull coupling mechanism which allows easy disengagement in dense spaces;
    3. Small Form Factor - half the size of standard connectors;
    4. Simplex and duplex assemblies available in standard and custom configurations Single mode and Multimode;
    5. PC Finish.

    Only a part of Joint Box/Splice Closure/Joint Closure are listed here. We can depend on customer’s requirement to producing the different model Joint Box/Splice Closure/Joint Closure.
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