ADSS Optical Cable Joint Box/Splice Closure/Joint Closure

ADSS Joint Box/Splice Closure/Joint Closure is designed for configuration flexibility, these closures offer expanded slack storage, various tray heights and mass platform storage.

ADSS Joint Box include hermetically sealed and free-breathing solutions.

The hermetically sealed closures include Light Linker, and fiber dome closures; they can be used for any outside plant application.

  • Product Name: Joint Box/Splice Closure/Joint Closure
  • Brand Place of Origin: GL Hunan,China (Mainland)
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    Package & Tansportation

    Joint Closure/Splice Closure/Joint Box is mainly used for protecting the fiber optic junction between two cables and reserve a section of fiber optic for maintenance in the box.
    Cable Splice Closure is sold as an assembly. A Cable Storage and Fix Clamps are needed when installed on the tower. A Cable Storage and three Stainless Steel Bands are needed when installed on the pole.


    Aerial, Direct-buried/Underground,Duct,Wall-mounting,Duct-mounting,Handhole- mounting

    Temperature Ranges:

    –40°C to +65°C.


    1,Suitable for ADSS and ordinary fiber optic cable.
    2,Fully kitted with all parts for convenient operation.
    3,Overlap structure in splicing tray for easy installation.
    4,Fiber-bending radium guaranteed more than 40mm.
    5,Easy to install and re-entry with a common can wrench.
    6,Excellent Mechanical Sealed to protect fiber and splice ensuring durability.
    7,Stand up to severe condition of moisture,vibration and extreme temperatures.


    Only a part of Joint Box/Splice Closure/Joint Closure are listed here. We can depend on customer’s requirement to producing the different model Joint Box/Splice Closure/Joint Closure.
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