SC APC UPC Fiber Optic Fast Connector

The SC APC UPC Connector (fast connector ), was developed to be used with flat cable Drop cords 3mm or optical 2 to 3mm.
Foclink fast connectors make fiber terminations quick, easy and reliable. These fiber optic connectors offer terminations without any hassles and require no epoxy, no polishing, no splicing, no heating and can achieve similar excellent transmission parameters as standard polishing and splicing technology. Our fast connector can greatly reduce the assembly and set up time. The pre-polished connectors are mainly applied to FTTH cable in FTTH projects, directly in the end user site.

  • Product Name: Adapter
  • Brand Place of Origin: GL Hunan,China (Mainland)
  • Provide OEM/ODM Services !:
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    Package & Tansportation

    CATV & FTTH、Telecommunication networks、Local area networks (LAN)、Wide area networks (WAN)、Premise installations、Data processing networks、Video and military active device termination、Optical Distribution Frame、Optical Network Equipments
    Easy installation, Requires no Special Tools, Except those of daily use for the preparation of Optical Fiber (Fiber cable Cutting, peeling, Cutting, cleaning and climpadora Components).
    1) Low insertion loss
    2) Ease of installation
    3) Low cost & Reliability
    4) Ease of use
    5) Low environmental sensitivity
    6) High return loss (low amounts of reflection at the interface)


    Only a part of Joint Box/Splice Closure/Joint Closure are listed here. We can depend on customer’s requirement to producing the different model Joint Box/Splice Closure/Joint Closure.
    We supply OEM&ODM Service.    
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