OPGW Optical Cable Suspension Clamp Assembly

Assembly with reinforced suspension clamp and neoprene inner covering ,especially designed for OPGW cables includes grounding clamps for tower connection .The cable clip can reduce the static stress of the cable at the suspension point, improve the anti-vibration ability of the cable, and suppress the dynamic stress of wind vibration.Can also ensure that the cable bending does not exceed the allowable value, so that the cable does not produce bending stress.Because the cable installed the cable clip, will not produce a variety of harmful stress concentration, so the fiber optic cable will not produce additional loss.


 > straight shackle –( Galvanized forged steel)

 > Parallel connection clamp —(Aluminum)

 > Armour grid suspension clamp–(Aluminum)

 > Preformed rods —(Aluminum Alloy)

 > Grounding clamp —(Aluminum )

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    Suspension clamp is used on suspension on wire and ground wire,which can protect wire efficiently and smooth outer contour to significantly reduce the corona discharge. Preformed double-pivot suspension clamp can be used to cross rivers, long distance transmission lines and towers on the corner of large.(30°~60°)
    Preformed suspension clamp is used in ACSR,aluminum wire, aluminum steel wire and galvanized steel wire.And it’s designed to weaken the strong point on the static and dynamic stress.So it can protect wire, stranded and suppress vibration, while it also could protect conductors in the support points on the arc from the impact and influence.Preformed suspension clamp protect conductors from being bending, stress and abrasion.
    Aluminum splint: made by pressure casting of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, which has stable chemical properties, good atmospheric corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties.
    Rubber fixture: It is composed of high quality rubber and central reinforcing parts, with ozone resistance, chemical resistance, weather aging resistance, high and low temperature performance, high strength and elasticity, small compression deformation.
    Bolts, spring washers, plain washers and nuts: Hot-dip galvanized standard parts.
    Closed pin: power standard component.
    Protective wire pre-twisted wire: Aluminum alloy wire customized according to the predetermined mechanical properties and chemical composition, with high tensile strength, hardness and good elasticity and strong rust resistance, can be used in bad weather for a long time.
    Outer pretwisted wire: Same as the pretwisted wire of guard wire.
    Connection fittings: U-shaped hanging ring, U-shaped screw, UB type hanging plate and ZH type hanging ring are all standard parts of power.


    1,Single hanging clamp can be used for optical fiber cable and perch or corner/elevation 25 ° or less tower connection;
    2,Double suspension clamps can be used for long span or high Angle straight line towers.One set for each tower.
    3,According to the cable diameter and range/comprehensive load selection of hanging line clip.
    4,Suitable for OPGW optical cable.
    5,According to the different methods of hanging wires on the tower, different connecting fittings and hanging wire clips can be selected.

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