OPGW with PBT Tube

The PBT Loose Tube Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) is surrounded by single or double layers of aluminum clad steel wires(ACS) or mix ACS wires and aluminum alloy wires. Good anti-corrosion performance.Material and structure are uniform, good resistance to vibration fatigue.  

Product Name: PBT Loose Buffer Tube Type OPGW

Fiber Type:  G652/G655

Fiber Count: 2-72 Core

Applications: Reconstruction of old power lines and low voltage level lines. Coastal chemical industrial areas with heavy chemical pollution. 




Package & Tansportation

OPGW Description:

1. OPGW cable is the short form of Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire.

2. OPGW cable is suit for installation on new power lines with double function of ground wire and communication, especially for installation on normal voltage and extra high voltage power lines. OPGW can replace conventional ground wire of old power lines with increasing fiber communications function.

3. OPGW cables conduct short circuit current and provide lighting resistance.

4. OPGW cables are usually two structures. The central tube OPGW cable can obtain maximum optical fiber excess length in a smallest steel tube. The diameter of stainless steel tube is bigger than that of ACSR wire and aluminum alloy wire. The stainless steel tube is placed in the center of the stranded structure of the OPGW cable. Stranded OPGW cable can obtain secondary excess length; the diameter of stainless steel tube is consistent with diameter of aluminum alloy wire.

Structure Design:

opgw -pbt


Reconstruction of old power lines and low voltage level lines.
Coastal chemical industrial areas with heavy chemical pollution.

Main Features: (addition to the features of stainless steel tube OPGW cable)

  1. Can meet high electrical performance requirements, and have excellent corrosion resistant performance.
  2. Applicable to coastal areas and areas with heavy pollution.
  3. Short-circuit current has little effect on the fiber.

Applicable Voltage Range:

Power lines with voltage level of 220KV and above.

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Structural Parameters Table:

Cable Type Specification Structure and Composition
OPGW(L-AL_Tube)-1S24(M79/R74-45) Type Conductivity Diameter No. Remarks
Central Part FRP / 1.2 1  
1st Layer PBT / 2 4  
Aluminum Tube / 7.5 1  
2nd Layer ACS 20.30% 2.5 12  

Technical Data Table:

No. Item Unit Technical Data Value
1 Type / OPGW(L-AL_Tube)-1S24(M79/R74-45)
2 Fiber Type G.652/G.655 G.652
3 Fiber No. core 24
4 Diameter mm 12.5
5 Bearing Cross-Section mm2 79.33
6 Mass Per Unit Length kg/km 456
7 RTS kN 74.5
8 20℃ DC Resistance Ω/km 0.72
9 Short-Circuit Current Capacity (40℃~200℃, 1s) kA2.s 45.83
10 Draw-Weight Ratio km 16.67

Packaging Details:

1-5KM per roll. Packed by steel drum . Other packing available according to client`s Request.

Sheath Mark:

The following printing(white hot foil indentation)is applied at 1meter intervals. a. Supplier: Guanglian or as customer required; b. Standard Code(Product Type, Fiber Type,Fiber Count); c. Year of manufacture: 7 years; d. Length marking in meters.

Lead Time:
Quantity(KM) 1-300 ≥300
Est.Time(Days) 15 To be begotiated!

The Packing standard and details as above is estimated and final size & weight shall be confirmed before shipment.  


The cables are packed in carton, coiled on Bakelite & steel drum. During transportation, right tools should be used to avoid damaging the package and to handle with ease. Cables should be protected from moisture,kept away from high temperature and fire sparks,protected from over bending and crushing,protected from mechanical stress and damage.

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