OPGW Optical Cable Tension Clamps/Dead-end Fittings

OPGW optical cable will be hung in the transmission line towers. Clamp can reduce the cable hanging points in the static stress, enhance the ability of cable vibration, the dynamic vibration suppression of wind stress; and keep the cable bending does not exceed allowable values, so that bending stress fiber cloth produced. After installation of the cable clamp, does not produce harmful stress concentration, fiber does not produce additional loss.

  • Product Name: OPGW Optical Cable Tension Clamps/Dead-end Fittings
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    This product is used for the connection between OPGW cable and tension-resistant tower in the erection of OPGW cable line.The special design of the pre-twisted wire can ensure that the tension clamp itself will not produce stress concentration which will cause damage to the OPGW cable, so as to ensure the normal life of the cable system.

    Structure and Materials:

    This product is a combination of clamp, with a suspension head (each head by a rubber clamp suspension, aluminum plates, U-card, bolt, spring cushion, flat pad, nut, pin closed form), outer preformed wire, retaining Preformed wire line combination.
    Directly preformed armour rods wrapped around the cable surface, providing protection for the cable and stiffness, protecting the line wire is preformed rubber grip clamp inserts, outer middle preformed wire cutter type of rubber from the press and hold the drum clamp, aluminum Maintain its external splint.
    U-card:Made of high strength aluminum alloy.
    Aluminum splint:Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum die casting, the aluminum chemical stability, good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and has good mechanical properties.
    Rubber clamp:Be made of quality rubber and center strength member ,has anti-ozone resistance, chemical resistance, weather aging, with high and low temperature performance, and high strength and elasticity, the smaller deformation.
    Bolt,Elastic pad,Flat pad,Nut:Hot galvanized Standard Parts
    Closed bolt:Power standard parts
    Preformed armour rods:Aluminum alloy wire, high tensile strength, hardness and good flexibility and strong anti-rust capability, in bad weather conditions long-term use.
    Preformed outer rods:Same with preformed armour rods.
    link fitting:Shackle,U-bolt,UB-clevis,ZH-hanging ring are all power standard parts.


    1,Use in connection with terminal pole tower, tension-resistant pole tower and connecting pole tower.The specific configuration is: terminal tower — 1 set/tower, tension-resistant tower — 2 sets/tower, connection tower — 2 sets/tower.
    2,According to the cable diameter and cable rated breaking force with tension cable clip, so the user can choose according to the selection of the specification table suitable tension cable clip.
    3,Grounding wire clip is ordered together with tension wire clip. It is not allowed to directly install grounding wire clip on the inner layer or outer pre-twisted wire of tension wire clip.

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