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What is optical fiber drop cable?

FTTH fiber optic drop cables are laid out at the user's end and used to connect the terminal of the backbone optical cable to the user's building or house. It is characterized by small size, low fiber count, and a support span of about 80m. It is common for overhead and pipeline construction, and it is not common for underground or buried installation.

There are mainly indoor and outdoor optical fiber drop cables. The most common outdoor drop cable has a mini flat figure-8 structure; the most common indoor one is two parallel steel wires or FRP reinforcements, with an optical fiber in the middle.

Main Features Of Fiber Drop Cable 

• Small size, light weight, good bending;

• Simple structure, simple installation and convenient construction;

• Two parallel glass fiber reinforced plastic or metal reinforced materials can provide good compression resistance and protect the optical fiber;

• Unique groove design, easy to peel off, easy to connect, simplify installation and maintenance;

• Low-smoke halogen-free polyethylene sheath


Application of Fiber Drop Cable

1. Indoor users
Indoor optical cables mainly include 1F, 2F, and 4F.

Household optical cables should use 1F;

Enterprise users should use 2-4F optical cable design.

There are two types of household optical cables: FRP reinforcement and steel wire reinforcement. Taking into account factors such as lightning protection and strong current interference, FRP reinforcement should be used indoors.

2.Wire laying in the building
Wiring in buildings Horizontal wiring does not have high requirements for optical cables, while vertical wiring requires optical cables to have a certain tensile strength, as well as flame retardant requirements. Therefore, the tensile strength of optical cables must be considered.

3.Overhead self-supporting wire laying
The figure-8 self-supporting optical cable adds a steel wire suspension on the optical cable, offers more tensile strength, and can be laid overhead. It is suitable for outdoor overhead wiring to enter the indoor wiring environment. Before fixing the steel hanging wire on the special bracket, first cut off the steel wire, strip off the steel wire cable on the remaining optical cable.

4.Duct wire laying
Duct optical cables and self-supporting "8" optical cables are both indoor and outdoor integrated optical cables, which can adapt to indoor and outdoor environments, and are suitable for FTTH drop cable from outside to indoor. Because the outer sheath, reinforcement, and water-blocking materials are added on the drop optical fiber cable, the Duct optical cable has higher hardness and waterproof performance and is suitable for outdoor duct laying.

What are drop cables used for?

Internet service providers connect directly to service equipment by using optical cables. Usually contains no more than 12 fibers. The following four fiber optic cable designs are the most commonly used today.

FTTH optical cable (known as drop cable). The drop flat cable contains 1 to 4 coated ptical fibers. The coating of the optical fiber can be colored, blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white, red, black, yellow, purple, pink or light green in compliance with the requirements.

The single-fiber use natural color. The reinforcement in the cable can be steel wire , or FRP reinforcement. The sheath of the drop cable should be made of low-smoke and zero-halogen materials to meet environmental protection and flame-retardant indoor wiring requirements. Outdoor FTTH drop cables should meet the water-blocking requirements.

Mainly Types of Indoor Fiber Drop Cable
Indoor FRP Drop Cable GJXFH
Indoor FRP Drop Cable GJXFH


• Indoor FTTH;

• For patch cords and pigtails;

• For communication equipment.

• Fiber to the point (FTTX)

• Fiber to the home (FTTH)

• Access network

• Used end users directly cabling Indoor cabling and distribution


Mainly Types of Outdoor Fiber Drop Cable

Outdoor Steel Drop Cable GJYXCH
Outdoor Steel Drop Cable GJYXCH


• FTTH (Fiber to the Home) and indoor wiring

• Pre-terminated in the factory

• More suitable for optical fiber connection and fast connector


Outdoor Flat Drop Cable


• Fiber to the home(FTTH)

• Office Building

• PC room


Figure-8 Aerial Drop Cable


• Fiber to the home(FTTH)

• Office Building

• PC room

Figure-8 aerial drop cable is self-supporting cable, with the cable fixed to a steel wire, designed for easy and economical aerial installation for outdoor applications. This type of fiber drop cable is fixed to a steel wire as showed in the following picture.
Round Drop Cable GJFJU(TPU)


The GJFJU optical cable is constructed with ф900μm tight buffer fibers surrounded by Aramid yarns as strength member, covered with TPU or LSZH outer sheath.

ASU Optical Drop Cable


• Self-supporting Air Installations;
• Fully dielectric, does not need to be grounded;
• Ideal for outdoor applications up to 120 m without messenger;
• Available with normal polyethylene (NR) and flame retardant (RC) cover;

• Adopted to Outdoor distribution

• Network in high electromagnetic interfering places

• Suitable for aerial network

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