432F Air Blown Optical Fiber Cable

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POST ON:2021-11-22

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In current years, while the advanced information society has been expanding rapidly, the infrastructure for telecommunication has been building expeditiously with various methods such as direct burial and blowing. GL Technology continues to develop innovative and various type of optical fiber cables that provide value to customer and society.

Air blowing installation method is one of the cable installation methods and the cables are installed into the microduct with compressed air blowing technique. This blowing method is widely introduced in Europe and United State mainly. Loose tube type cable is well known as the conventional air blown optical fiber cable in the market, however it requires much time to splice because it consists of single fibers. Whereas, the Air Blown WTC reduces splicing time drastically compared to loose tube type cable because the Air Blown WTC consists of 12F SWR and enables to splice 12F at one time. Also, the Air Blown WTC uses 200 μm fibers, so the Air Blown WTC is smaller diameter and lighter weight than loose tube cables. Even though 432 high fiber count design, the outer diameter is only 9.5 mm and weight is 60 kg/km. In addition, the existing mass fusion splicer, jacket stripper and cleaver can be used for splicing with 200 μm SWR and 250 μm SWR due to 200 μm SWR has same fiber pitch of 250 μm SWR. Of course it is available to splice 200 μm SWR each other.

Recently, GL has released a new type of optical fiber cable, Air Blown Wrapping Tube Cable™(WTC™) with Fujikura's original optical fiber ribbon "Spider Web Ribbon™(SWR™)", Cable details as below:

Air Blown WTC Structure:

Air Blown Wrapping Tube Cable

12F SWR Fiber Pitch Structure:

12F SWR Fiber Pitch Structure


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