Double Sheath Non-metal Stranded fiber Optic Cable (ADSS-D)

GL provides a variety of popular ADSS optical cables. The commonly used ADSS optical cable structures are: single-sheath ADSS optical cable, double-sheath ADSS optical cable and mini small-span ADSS optical cable.

The excellent quality and service of  GL’s ADSS cable have won the praise of a large number of customers at home and abroad, and the products are exported to many countries and regions such as South and North America, Europe, Asia and UEA.





Package & Tansportation

Non-metal strength member
High Strength Kevlar yarn member
Replacing existing aerial ground wires
Upgrading communications lines of power systems
Synchronous planning and designing when new aerial power lines are to be constructed
Conducting large fault short-circuit current and providing lightning protection

Adopted to Outdoor distribution
Network in high electromagnetic interfering places
Suitable for aerial network
Long distance and local area network communication
Can be installed conveniently and operated simply

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Product Parameter:

No. of cable / 24~30 32~60 62~72 96
Design(StrengthMember+Tube&Filler) / 1+5 1+5 1+6 1+8
Fiber type / G.652D
Central Strength Member Material mm FRP
Diameter(±0.05mm) 1.5 1.5 2.1 2.1
Loose Tube Material mm PBT
Diameter(±0.05mm) 1.8 2.1 2.1 2.1
Thickness(±0.03mm) 0.32 0.35 0.35 0.35
MAX.NO./per 6 12 12 12
Water Blocking Layer Material / Flooding Compound
Inner Sheath Material mm MDPE
Thickness 0.9(nominal)
colour black.
Additional Strength Member Material / Aramid Yarn
Outer Sheath Material mm MDPE
Thickness 1.8(nominal)
colour black.
Cable Diameter(±0.2mm) mm 11.1 11.7 12.3 14.1
Cable Wetght(±10.0kg/km) kg/km 100 111 122 135
Attenuation coefficient 1310nm dB/km ≤0.35
1550nm ≤0.21
Cable breaking strength(RTS) kn ≥12.0
Working Tension (MAT) Kn ≥5.0
Wind velocity m/s 30
Icing mm 5
Span M 200
Crush Resistance Short Term N/100mm ≥2200
Long Term ≥1100
Min. bending radius Without Tension mm 10.0×Cable-φ
Under Maximum Tension 20.0×Cable-φ
Temperature range(℃) Installation -20~+60
Transport&Storage -40~+70
Operation -40~+70

Packing and Marking

  • Each single length of cable shall be reeled on Fumigated Wooden Drum
  • Covered by plastic buffer sheet
  • Sealed by strong wooden battens
  • At least 1 m of inside end of cable will be reserved for testing.
  • Drum length: Standard drum length is 3,000m±2%; as required
  • 5.2 Drum Marking(can according to the requirement in the technical specification) Manufacturer name;
  • Manufacturing year and month Roll—direction arrow;
  • Drum length; Gross/net weight;


Packaging and Shipping

Packaging & Shipping

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