The Benefits of Air Blown Fiber Cable

BY Hunan GL Technology Co.,Ltd.

POST ON:2020-12-25

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Air blown fiber is designed to be placed in the micro duct, typically with an inner diameter of 2~3.5mm. Air is used to propel fibers from one point to another point and reduce the friction between the cable jacket and the inner surface of micro duct when deploying. Air blown fibers are manufactured with a plastic skin which has special friction properties.

Why air blow fiber cable so popular? Our customers can expect the following benefits:

  1. Microcables have been developed in purpose to utilize existing and new duct systems more effectively by accommodating more fibers in given sub-duct network.
  2. Another benefit is its light weight compared to conventional loose tube cables.
  3. By reducing cable weight installation lengths increase as in blowing installations cable weight is one of the main parameters that define how long lengths can be blown in to the duct.
  4. This all could lead to cost reduction during cable deployments.  While deploying traditional fiber optic cable, normally need 3~4 installers to do it.

One drawback, if it can be considered, is that microcables are naturally not that robust than other cable designs that are deployed and used in the same applications, like conventional loose tube cables and ribbon cables.

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