Air-blown Microduct Cable

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POST ON:2020-12-24

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In current years, while the advanced information society has been expanding rapidly, the infrastructure for telecommunication has been building expeditiously with various methods such as direct burial and blowing.

Air-blown Optical Fiber Cable  is small size, light weight, enhanced surface outer sheath fiber unit designed for blowing into micro tube bundles by air flow. The loose tubes are made of high modulus plastics (PBT) and filled with a water resistant filling gel. Loose tubes are stranded around non-metallic central strength member (FRP). Polyethylene (PE) is extruded as outer sheath. It is easy-to-install optical fiber network communications infrastructure offering the highest fiber density solution available today.

Today, Let's have a study on Air-blown Microduct Cable. 


Loose tube: PP or other materials available

Water blocking materials for loose tube: water blocking yarn available

Water blocking materials for cable core: water blocking tape available

Outer sheath: Nylon available


Small volume, light weight, high fiber density, save duct resources

Low friction, high air blowing efficiency

All dielectric, anti-lightning, anti-electromagnetic interference

Easy maintenance, easy upgrading

All section water blocking

Excellent transmission, mechanical and environmental performance

Lifespan over 30 years


Air-blown installation

Backbone network and metro network

Access network

Technical  Data:

Min. bend radius: installation 20D, operation 10D

Temperature range: storage -40~+70℃, installation -30~+70℃, operation -20~+70℃

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