GYTS53 Stranded Loose Tube Cable with Double Steel Tape

In the GYTS53 cable, single-mode/multimode fibers are positioned in the loose tubes, the tubes are filled with water blocking filling compound.Tubes and fillers are stranded around the strength member into a circular cable core. A Plastic Steel Plastic(PSP) is applied around the core. Which is filled with the filling compound to protect it. Then the cable is completed with a thin PE sheath. After PSP is applied over the inner sheath, the cable is completed with a PE outer sheath.

  • Product Name: Stranded Loose Tube Cable with Steel Tape and Steel Tape(Double Sheaths GYTS53)
  • Brand Place of Origin: GL Hunan,China (Mainland)
  • Application: Direct Buried/Underground
  • Categories: All Products, Aerial Optical Cable, Duct Optical Cable, Armored Optical Cable



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    1,The following measures are taken to ensure the water blocking performance of the cable.
    2,Single steel wire used as the central strength Member.
    3,Special water-blocking filling compound in the loose tube.
    4,100% cable core filling,APL and PSP moisture barrier.

    Temperature Rage:

    Operating :-40℃ to +70℃
    Storage :-40℃ to +70℃


    Comply with stand YD/T 901-2009 as well as IEC 60794-1

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