96 core Optical Cable Cross Connecting Cabinet

Communication Equipment Distribution box Fiber Optic Cable Transfer Box is the interface device used for the nodes of backbone cable in the optical network and distribution cable.


Wall Mounting

Product Name:Cabinet

Brand Place of Origin: GL Hunan,China (Mainland)

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1.High-quality materials

The cabinet is made of high quality SMC composite material with high temperature and high pressure.Mold die-cast, with good machineryAnd anti-corrosion properties.

2.Integrated module

Optical cable connection adopts fusion wiring integration Module, high density installable FC, SC, ST and other adapters.

3.Reinforced lock

Reinforce the lock, you can lock it with your own lock.You can also lock your own lock and lock it tightly.Double protection, more anti-theft effect.

4.Perfect interior design

Its perfect structural design makes the cableFixed, grounded, welded, surplus fiberCoiling, connecting, scheduling, allocating,Tests and other operations are very convenient and reliable.

Colour Gray
Number of Cores 96 core
Protection Level IP65 level
Material SMC reinforced composite
Tensile Force >1000N
Weight About 50kg
Operating Temperature -40℃~60℃
Characteristics High strength, Aging resistance, Corrosion resistance, Antistatic, Lightning strike, Flame retardant

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