12/15/18/22/27/32/37/42U Network Cabinet

This series network cabinet is used to intall and protect 19inch tack mounted equipment,which is a kind of multi-funtional cabinet meet industry standard.

Product Name:Cabinet

Brand Place of Origin: GL Hunan,China (Mainland)

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Fiber to The Point (FTTX); Fiber to The Home (FTTH); Fiber to The Building(FTTB);

Passive Optical Networks (PON); Cable Television (CATV); Network Equipment Room.


1,Refined outline with top degree quality;

2,Integrated welding structure, high intensity;

3,Cold rolled steel body with electrostatic spraying surface;

4,High ventilation hexagon mesh front door, double opening hexagon mesh rear door;

5,Three point lock with high degree revolve cabinet lock,code lock are selectable;

6,Plastic parts on two sides of front make cable management easily;

7,Superficial protective.

Model NO. Overall Size Way to install
GL0208001 600*600*12U Floor mounting
GL0208002 600*600*15U Floor mounting
GL0208003 600*600*18U Floor mounting
GL0208004 600*600*22U Floor mounting
GL0208005 600*600*27U Floor mounting
GL0208006 600*600*32U Floor mounting
GL0208007 600*600*37U Floor mounting
GL0208008 600*600*42U Floor mounting

Only a part of Cabinets are listed here. We can depend on customer’s requirement to producing the different model Cabinets.

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