Hunan GL Technology Co., Ltd

Hunan GL Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading enterprise as a manufacturer of power fiber optic cable(ADSS cable and OPGW cable), aluminum clad stee for electric power( Aluminum Conductor Aluminum Clad Steel Reinforced) and other fiber optic cable in China. We have over 30 equipments for manufacturing various cables and optic cables and over 20 testing equipments. The production lines include Austria MS Coloring Machines, Color Circling Machine, Switzerland Swiss Cable Secondary Coating Line, France Delachaux stainless steel tube welding line, European first-class steel tube laser welding line for submarine and OPGW fiber optic cables, fluro-plastic high temperature lines of US Davis company, three-layer simultaneously extruded crosslinking lines, CCV Catenary production lines of Troester Company, Germany, GJB-complied military cable production lines and so on

Our company pass the certification of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Systems in 2010. With perfect quality control system, talented technical team, advanced equipment, and our reliable quality, our products gain reputed fame in domestic market and overseas market.

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