Which of the following problems will cause the loss of the signal?

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Radio signals are an essential means of communication for various applications, such as broadcasting, emergency services, and navigation. However, signal loss can occur due to various factors, resulting in poor reception or no signal at all. Some common problems that could be affecting your radio signal include physical obstructions, electromagnetic interference, distance from the source, and antenna problems. It is crucial to identify the cause of the signal loss to address the issue and ensure reliable communication.


The most common causes of fiber failures:
• Fiber breakage due to physical stress or excessive bending

• Insufficient transmit power

• Excessive signal loss due to long cable spans

• Contaminated connectors can cause excessive signal loss

• Excessive signal loss due to connector or connector failure

• Excessive signal loss due to connectors or too many connectors

• Incorrect connection of fiber to patch panel or splice tray

Usually, if the connection fails completely, it's because the cable is broken. However, if the connection is intermittent, there are several possible reasons:
• Cable attenuation may be too high due to poor quality connectors or too many connectors.

• Dust, fingerprints, scratches, and moisture can contaminate connectors.

• Transmitter strength is low.

• Poor connections in the wiring closet.


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