What Is The Difference Between GYXTW Cable And GYTA Cable?

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POST ON:2021-09-14

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The first difference between GYXTW and GYTA is the number of cores. The maximum number of cores for GYTA can be 288 cores, while the maximum number of cores for GYXTW can only be 12 cores.

GYXTW optical cable is a central beam tube structure. Its characteristics: the loose tube material itself has good hydrolysis resistance and high strength, and the tube is filled with special grease to protect the optical fiber. Small diameter, light weight, and easy to lay.


GYTA optical cable is a stranded structure. Its characteristics: The loose tube material itself has hydrolysis resistance and high strength. The tube is filled with special grease to protect the optical fiber; the reinforcing core is located in the center of the cable core. The sleeve is twisted around the reinforced core layer with a proper twisting pitch. By controlling the excess length of the optical fiber and adjusting the twisting pitch, the optical cable can have good tensile performance and temperature characteristics; loose tube and reinforced core inter-core cable paste The filling is twisted together to ensure the waterproof performance between the loose tube and the reinforced core. The radial and longitudinal waterproofing of the optical cable is guaranteed by a variety of measures. According to different requirements, there are a variety of anti-side pressure measures.


Because GYXTW optical cable is light and affordable, it is mostly used in video surveillance and parks. GYTA stranded optical cable can be used in various occasions, including overhead and pipelines.

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