What Are The Types of Hybrid Fiber Optic Cables?

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When there are hybrid optical fibers in the photoelectric composite cable, the method of placing multi-mode optical fibers and single-mode optical fibers in different sub-cable groups can effectively distinguish and separate them for use. When a reliable photoelectric composite cable needs to straddle the protective box and directly connect to the terminal equipment, a structure composed of a single-core cable group is also used to provide better protection for the optical fiber. 

What Are The Types of Hybrid Fiber Optic Cables?

(1) Vertical lifting cable

After the photoelectric composite cable enters the building, it is necessary to provide the connection between the entrance equipment, the equipment room or the computer room and the communication cabinets on different floors, which is called the "vertical wiring system". At this time, the wiring optical cables are mostly located in the riser in the vertical shaft between the floors. For this reason, the optical cable needs to withstand greater tensile force (maximum self-weight).

(2) Single-core and dual-core interconnecting indoor optical cables

Tight-buffered single-core, tight-buffered double-core, and tight-buffered circular structure indoor optical cables are interconnected due to the use of a tight-buffered structure with very good flexibility and a high-load-bearing aramid yarn around the tight-buffered fiber. Ideal for fiber optic cables. The photoelectric composite cable is directly equipped with standard connectors, making it an ideal network cable solution for wiring in limited space and plugging in flexible cables in buildings.

(3) Optical cable for inflatable environment

In indoor applications, when the photoelectric composite cable needs to pass through transmission pipelines, high-pressure air-filled spaces or air handling systems to transmit information, the outer sheath material is UL-certified PVC material with flame retardant added or hard fluoropolymer. The use of PVC design is superior to fluoropolymers. Because PVC is soft and easy to bend, there is no trace of inventory, and it can be stored in a ring.

(4) Anti-rodent optical cable

The photoelectric composite cable is a single-core or multi-core tight-buffered fiber optic cable protected by a stainless steel hose, which has strong resistance to lateral pressure, bending resistance, high tensile strength, and excellent rodent resistance. It can be used in occasions where stepping occurs, such as laying under carpets or occasions where limited space requires frequent bending or rodent damage.

All in all, when the photoelectric composite cable is used to enter the building, the matching indoor optical fiber ribbon cable (optical fiber ribbon + aramid yarn + PVC sheath structure) can be selected. When laying underground pipelines and ceilings in the equipment room, the economical and economical photoelectric composite cable can adopt a reinforced structure, such as using PE, PU sheath on the basis of the distribution cable or adopting on the basis of the scattered cable structure Aluminum-PE sheath structure, etc.

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