What are the differences between 5G vs. Fiber?

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POST ON:2021-01-19

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With social distancing seeing a rise in digital activity, many are looking towards faster, more efficient internet solutions. This is where 5G and fibre optic are coming to the fore, but there is still confusion about what each of them will provide users. Here’s a look at What are the differences between 5G and Fiber.

What are the differences between 5G vs. Fiber?

1. 5G is a cellular wireless technology. Fiber is a wire, effectively. So one is wireless and one is wired.

2. fiber can carry a lot more data than 5G (bandwidth).

3.  fiber has a reliable, consistent and predictable connection quality, 5G does not.

4.  fiber is not affected by electromagnetic interference, 5G is.

5. byte for byte of delivered bandwidth, fiber is less expensive.

6. 5G is Low deployment cost for the end user.

…                                                                                                               Fiber vs 5G

Of course, Fibre optic remains the backbone of the 5G network, connecting to the various cell sites. This will enhance bandwidth and speed as reliance on 5G increases. Currently, it’s the final mile of the broadband connection that causes the bottlenecking, but with 5G, that final mile won’t be a weak point.

So, it’s not really an apples to apples comparison, as if you need a wireless connection fiber is useless to you.



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