Types Of Anti-rodent Fiber Optic cables

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Nowadays, many mountain areas or buildings need to lay optical cables, but there are many mice in such places, so many customers need special anti-rat optical cables. What are the models of anti-rat optical cables? What kind of fiber optic cable can be rat-proof? As a fiber optic cable manufacturer, GL will discuss with you about rodent-proof fiber optic cables.

Because the anti-rodent optical cable must have the ability to effectively prevent rodents from being bitten, high tensile and lateral pressure resistance, so this is to require that the mechanical properties of the anti-rodent optical cable must be special to prevent rodents and other animals from biting.

Generally, the models of anti-rat optical cables are GYTA33, GYTS33, GYFTY63, GYFTZY63, GYTA04, GYTS04 and so on.

GYTA33, GYTS33 anti-rat optical cable is a layered structure, that is, a layer of PE inner sheath is added after longitudinally wrapping aluminum armor or steel armor on the outside of the layered cable core, and a single layer of thin round steel wire armor is extruded and a layer is added. Polyethylene outer sheath.

GYFTY63 and GYFTZY63 anti-rat optical cable is a layered structure, non-metallic central reinforcement, inner sheath extruded outside the cable core, (without metal armor) PE outer sheath is extruded after adding a layer of glass yarn. 1. The design of the non-metallic reinforcement and layer-strand structure ensures that the optical cable has good mechanical and temperature characteristics. 2. The sleeve is filled with buffer ointment, which not only protects the optical fiber but also plays a waterproof role. 3. High-strength non-metallic reinforcement and glass yarn Bear the axial load 4. The cable core is filled with water-blocking ointment, which can effectively waterproof. 5. It can effectively prevent the damage of the optical cable by rodents.

gyfty63_anti_rodent_direct_direct_burried_fiber_optic_cableGYTA04, GYTS04 anti-rat optical cable metal reinforcing member, loose layer twisted filling type, embossed steel tape-polyethylene adhesive outer sheath + nylon sheath communication outdoor anti-rat optical cable, optical cable structure is a single-mode or multi-mode The fiber is sheathed in a loose tube made of high modulus plastic filled with a waterproof compound. The center of the cable core is a metal reinforced core. For some fiber optic cables, a layer of polyethylene (PE) is extruded outside the metal reinforced core. The loose tube (and filler rope) is twisted around a central reinforcing core into a compact and rounded core, the gaps in the core are filled with a water blocking compound. The steel-plastic composite tape is longitudinally wrapped and then extruded polyethylene sheath + nylon sheath.

Features of GYTA04, GYTS04 anti-rat optical cable 1. Precise control of the excess length of the optical fiber ensures that the optical cable has good tensile performance and temperature characteristics 2. The PBT loose tube material has good hydrolysis resistance, and the tube is filled with special ointment. The optical fiber is protected 3. The smooth outer sheath enables the optical cable to have a smaller friction coefficient during installation. 4. The nylon sheath has high strength, rigidity, good toughness and wear resistance, and is a good anti-rat material. 5. The following measures are adopted to ensure the waterproof performance of the optical cable: the special waterproof compound is filled in the loose tube; the complete cable core is filled;

GL fiber optic cable manufacturers specialize in the production of various types of rodent-proof optical cables, and welcome to consult and customize at any time.

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