Three Key Technologies For Aerial ADSS Optic Cables

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All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS ) Cable is a non-metallic cable that is made entirely of dielectric materials and includes the necessary support system. It can be hung directly on telephone poles and telephone towers. It is mainly used for communication lines of overhead high-voltage transmission system. It can also be used for communication lines in overhead laying environments such as lightning-prone areas and long-span environments.

ADSS fiber optic cable has the characteristics of no metal, tension resistance, self-supporting, high insulation, non-inductive, thin diameter, easy construction and economy. Made of waterproof, reinforcement, sheath and other protective measures.

Self-supporting force refers to the strength of the cable itself to bear its own weight and external loads. The name explains the environment in which the cable is used and its key technology: because it is self-supporting, its mechanical strength is important; all dielectric materials are used because the cable is in a high-voltage and high-voltage environment and must be able to withstand strong currents. Impact: Because it is used on overhead poles, there must be a supporting boom that will be fixed to the pole. That is, ADSS cables have three key technologies: cable mechanical design, determination of hanging points, selection and installation of supporting hardware.


ADSS fiber optic cable mechanical properties

The mechanical properties of the optical cable are mainly reflected in the maximum working tension, the average working tension and the ultimate tensile strength of the optical cable. The national standard for ordinary optical cables clearly stipulates the mechanical strength of optical cables for different purposes (such as overhead, pipeline, direct burial, etc.). ADSS cable is a self-supporting overhead cable, so it must be able to withstand the long-term impact of its own gravity, and must be able to withstand the baptism of strong wind, sunlight, rain and other natural environments, ice and snow. If the mechanical performance design of the ADSS cable is unreasonable and not suitable for the local climate, the cable will have potential safety hazards and its service life will also be affected. Therefore, for each ADSS cable project, professional software must be strictly designed according to the natural environment and span of the cable to ensure that the cable has sufficient mechanical strength.

Determination of Suspension Point of ADSS Optical Fiber Cable

Since the ADSS optical cable dances on the same path as the high-voltage power line, its surface not only requires the same UV resistance as ordinary optical cables, but also requires high-voltage and strong-electricity tests. long-term electrical environment. The capacitive coupling between the cable and the high-voltage phase line and the ground will generate different space potentials on the surface of the cable. Under the influence of rain, snow, frost, dust and other meteorological environments, the potential difference generated by the wet and dirty surface of the cable due to local leakage current. The resulting thermal effect causes moisture to evaporate from the surface of the cable parts. A large amount of heat, that is, accumulated heat, will burn the surface of the cable and form tree-like traces called electric traces. Over time, the outer sheath can become damaged due to aging. From the surface to the inside, the mechanical properties of the aramid yarn decrease, eventually causing the cable to break. At present, it is mainly solved from two aspects. One is to use a special anti-marking sheath material, the outer sheath is extruded from aramid yarn, that is, the AT anti-marking sheath is used to reduce the corrosion of the surface of the optical cable by strong electricity; in addition, the pole is installed on the pole using professional software superior. Calculate the space potential distribution and draw the electric field intensity distribution diagram. Based on this scientific basis, the specific suspension point of the cable on the tower is determined so that the cable will not be subjected to a stronger electric field.

ADSS fiber optic cable installation fittings

The ADSS cable is secured to the tower with mounting hardware. The installation accessories must be used together with the optical cable, and the accessories used for the optical cables with different numbers of rods, spans, and different outer diameters are different. Therefore, in the design, what kind of hardware is used on each fiber optic rod, which fiber optic rods are connected, and the reel length of each fiber optic cable should be fully designed in place. Serious problems such as loose cables or fiber breaks can occur if accessories are not selected properly.

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