Three Core Technical Points of OPGW Optical Cable

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POST ON:2021-08-05

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OPGW optical cable, also known as optical fiber composite overhead ground wire, is an overhead ground wire containing optical fiber with multiple functions such as overhead ground wire and optical communication. It is mainly used for communication lines of 110kV, 220kV, 500kV, 750kV and new overhead high voltage transmission systems.

The popular OPGW optical cable has achieved a technological breakthrough, but its service life is also a concern of everyone. If you want a long service life of the optical cable, you should pay attention to the following three technical points:


1. Loose tube size
The influence of the size of the loose tube on the lifetime of the OPGW cable is also reflected in the induction stress. If the size is too small, under the factors of temperature change, mechanical stress, and the interaction between the filler and the optical cable, the stress on the optical cable will not be well alleviated, which will accelerate the decline in the life of the OPGW optical cable and cause aging. .

2.ointment filling planning
Fiber paste is the oily substance of OPGW optical cable. It is a mixture based on mineral oil or composition oil, which has the effect of blocking water vapor and buffering on the optical cable. The function of fiber paste is evaluated by testing the oxidation induction period of the ointment. After the ointment is oxidized, its acid value will increase, which can lead to an increase in hydrogen evolution. After the ointment is oxidized, it will affect the stability of the optical cable structure, resulting in a decrease in stress. In this way, the OPGW optical cable will be affected by oscillation, impact, tortuous, temperature difference, and topography. Under stress, the buffering effect of the fiber paste on the optical cable is weakened, thereby reducing the safety of the OPGW optical cable. The direct contact between the fiber paste and the OPGW cable is the direct cause of the deterioration of the function of the fiber optic cable. The fiber paste will slowly deteriorate over time, usually first agglomerate into small particles, and then gradually evaporate, differentiate, and dry up.

3. Material selection and wire drawing process of optical cable coating
The main reasons for the increased loss of functional OPGW cable include hydrogen loss, cable cracking, and cable stress. After practical testing, it is found that after years of use, the mechanical characteristics, splice characteristics, and optical characteristics of the OPGW cable have not changed. After scanning, The electron microscope found that the optical cable has no obvious abnormal phenomena such as micro-cracks. However, it has been observed that the coating of OPGW cable is not good, and the attenuation of the optical cable with high modulus, tight coating and large peeling force will be more obvious.

In actual use, the optical cable is likely to have some failures due to some external reasons or quality problems. Therefore, if you want to use it for a long time, it must be technically qualified. Quality is the last word.

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