The Maximum Span Can Reach 1500 Meters

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ADSS is all-dielectric self-supporting, also called non-metallic self-supporting optical cable. With its large number of fiber cores, light weight, no metal (all dielectric), it can be directly hung on the power pole. Generally, it is widely used in power communication systems without the advantages of power outage construction.

GL Technology produces: 4~144 core ADSS optical cable, PE/AT jacket, 50-1500 meters span, We can according to customer requirements to custom the cable. PE sheath is used for power lines below 35KV, and AT sheath is used for power lines above 35KV.

ADSS optical cable application:
ADSS Cable is widely used in the communication network of power lines such as 10kv, 35kv, 110kv, and 220kv, as well as the communication system of new and old lines such as the national grid, electric power industry, and rural power grid.

ADSS optical cable characteristics:
1. The optical cable adopts PE or AT sheath, suitable for different levels of voltage
2. Light weight and small cable diameter, reducing the influence of ice and wind and the load on the tower and supports
3. Large span, the maximum span can reach 1000 meters, suitable for: overhead
4. The use of imported aramid armor technology greatly improves the tensile strength of the optical cable
5. Precisely controlled optical fiber excess length and optical cable stranding pitch ensure that the optical cable has excellent tensile performance and temperature characteristics
6. It can be constructed without power failure, and the power line failure does not affect the normal transmission of the optical cable

GL specializes in the production of optical fiber cable for more than 17 years. Our core products are ADSS optical cables, OPGW optical cables, OPPC and other optical cables and accessories. we providing the most practical technical solutions and system products according to the specific requirements of different users with the method of “good quality + high efficiency service”, relying on the design of the optical cable structure, combining the actual situation and corresponding standards, and according to the specific requirements of different users.

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