The Characteristics Of Buried Optical Fiber Cables

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POST ON:2021-10-26

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Anti-corrosion performance

In fact, if we can have a general understanding of the buried optical cable, then we can know what kind of capabilities it should have when we buy it, so before that, we should have a simple understanding. We all know very well that this optical cable is directly buried in the ground. If it does not have the ability to resist corrosion, then such an optical cable will not work properly after a period of time. Therefore, corrosion resistance is one of the capabilities that this type of optical cable must have.

Good protection performance

Generally speaking, buried optical cables are all underground during the laying process, so if there is no good protection, then such optical cables will definitely not work. So what kind of good protection does it have? First of all, the so-called PE inner sheath has been added to the current optical cables. Its function is to provide the optical cable with a protective ability. In this way, no matter how bad the external environment is, with such a layer of protection, the optical cable can still be normal. Work without reducing its service life. Therefore, such an inner protective layer is very effective.

Acid and alkali resistance

If the buried optical cable buried deep underground is not resistant to acid and alkali, it will be corroded by the ground after a period of time. And it is precisely because it has such a feature that it can not only work underground for a long time, but also has no contact with the outside world. Indirectly, it also reduces a lot of opportunities for corrosion of the optical cable, so it will naturally extend the service life of the optical cable. The above three characteristics are the biggest characteristics of this type of optical cable, and it is precisely with such characteristics that it can work stably.

Direct buried cable projects

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