The Basic Knowledge of ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

BY Hunan GL Technology Co.,Ltd.

POST ON:2021-03-16

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Hunan GL Technology Co.,Ltd as a 17 years experienced fiber optic cable manufacturer in China, we provide a full line of all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) aerial cables and Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) as well as supporting hardware and accessories. We will share some basic knowledge of ADSS fiber optic cable today.

The ADSS optical cables that have been produced can be divided into two types: stranded type and central beam tube type. Among them, the stranded type optical fiber cable has an FRP reinforced core, and the weight is slightly heavier than that of the beam tube type.

ADSS Cable Charactristic:

1. Designed specifically for power systems, it is a self-supporting aerial optical cable with a fully insulating medium, and its structure does not contain any metal materials;

2. Fully insulated structure and high withstand voltage index, which is beneficial to installation of overhead power lines in live operation, and does not affect line operation;

3. The use of polyester material with high tensile strength can withstand strong tension, meet the large-span requirements of overhead power lines, and prevent bird pecking and man-made gunshots;

4.The thermal expansion coefficient of ADSS optical cable is small. When the temperature changes greatly, the curvature of the optical cable line changes very little, and its weight is light, and its ice crawling and wind load are also small.


ADSS cable life:

ADSS optical cable is erected on high-voltage transmission lines, and its general life span is more than 25 years, and there are many factors that affect its life span.

ADSS Cable Feature:

1. The gradient of the high-voltage induction electric field near the pole tower changes greatly, and the high-voltage induction electric field has strong electric corrosion on the optical cable. Generally, PE type is used for overhead power lines of 35KV and below, and AT type is used for lines of 110KV and above;

2.For double-circuit poles and towers, due to the power outage of the primary circuit of the line or line modification, consideration should be given to the selection of the hanging point;

3. When the line passes through the working area with salt spray and acid gas, the chemical substance will corrode the outer skin of the optical cable, and its electric protection sheath is damaged, and it is vulnerable to arc damage;

4. Improper construction causes damage or abrasion of the outer skin. When operating in a long-term high-voltage electric field, its surface is easy to corrode. The smooth and smooth outer sheath of the optical cable can effectively reduce electrical corrosion and prolong its life.

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