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At GL FIBER we take our certifications seriously and work hard to keep our products and manufacturing processes up to date and in line with the highest international standards. With our fiber optic solutions certified with ISO 9001, CE, and RoHS, Anatel, our customers can rest assured that they are acquiring high-quality, safe, and environmentally friendly fiber optic solutions.


The ISO 9001 certification is an international standard that sets requirements for an effective quality management system. This certification ensures that our manufacturing and quality control processes meet the highest international standards, which means that our products meet the quality and reliability requirements that our customers expect.



The CE certification is a legal requirement for products sold in the European market. This certification ensures that our products meet the safety and health, environmental, and consumer protection standards established by the European Union.



The ANATEL certification is a mandatory step for approval. By obtaining ANATEL certification, manufacturers can gain access to the Brazilian telecommunications market.

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Nº de Homologação:15901-22-15155


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