Problems Existing In ADSS Cable Application

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POST ON:2022-01-19

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The design of the ADSS cable fully considers the actual situation of the power line, and is suitable for different levels of high-voltage transmission lines. For 10 kV and 35 kV power lines, polyethylene (PE) sheaths can be used; for 110 kV and 220 kV power lines, the distribution point of the optical cable must be determined by calculating the electric field strength distribution and an outer track (AT) outer sheath. At the same time, the amount of aramid fiber and the perfect twisting process are carefully designed to meet the application requirements of different spans.


1. Electrocorrosion

For communication users and cable manufacturers, electrical corrosion of cables has always been a major problem. Faced with this problem, optical cable manufacturers are not clear about the principle of electrical corrosion in optical cables, nor do they clearly put forward quantitative parameter indicators. The lack of a real simulation environment in the laboratory makes the problem of electrical corrosion unable to be effectively solved. As far as the current ADSS optical cable application is concerned, the prevention of electrical corrosion needs to optimize the design of the line hanging point. However, there are too many design factors, and the simulated charge method needs to be used for three-dimensional calculation, and the three-dimensional calculation technology in my country is not perfect. There are some deficiencies in the calculation of the tower and the radian of the cable, which makes the solution of the electrical corrosion problem not smooth. In this regard, my country must strengthen the research and application of three-dimensional calculation methods


2. Mechanical Properties

The mechanical performance of the optical cable involves the influence of the optical cable on the tower and its own safety and stress issues. The mechanical mechanics of the optical cable is studied based on static mechanics, and the force data of the optical cable should be calculated accurately. The current calculation of the optical cable is generally to set it as a flexible cable, show the erection of the optical cable through the catenary, and then calculate its sag and stretch data. However, the optical cable will be affected by various external conditions during application. Therefore, the calculation of its mechanical properties should consider dynamic factors. Under this condition, the optical cable is affected by the internal and external environment, and the calculation is more complicated. Various performances need to be comprehensively considered. After the experiment, to ensure the mechanical properties of the optical cable.


3. Dynamic Changes

Optical cables are affected by dynamic changes such as electrical conditions and environmental factors, and the environment in which they are located is also very complex. However, the current calculation methods are mainly based on static changes, which cannot be used in the practical application of optical cables under dynamic conditions, and the construction data of optical cables calculated by empirical formulas cannot guarantee the authenticity. For example, when calculating electrical corrosion, electrical The quasi-static processing and mechanical processing static, natural temperature and wind force make the calculation of the optical cable need to consider more conditions, and the change of the electromagnetic state makes the calculation of the optical cable not only need to consider the distance but also the hanging point. Therefore, due to the dynamic change factors of the optical cable, the calculation processing of each part of the optical cable is also complicated.


4. Environmental Factors

Environmental factors also have a great impact on fiber optic cable applications. In terms of temperature, the optical cable will be in different states due to the change of the external temperature. The specific impact needs to be determined by simulation experiments. The impact of different temperatures on different optical cables is also different. In terms of wind load, the state and balance of the optical cable swinging with the wind need to be calculated by mechanical principles, and the wind speed and wind force will have an impact on the construction and application of the optical cable. In terms of climate, the snow and ice cover in winter will lead to an increase in the load of the optical cable, which has a huge impact on the application of the optical cable. On the phase conductor, it uses the high-voltage environment to affect the electrical power of the optical cable, and the safety impact on the optical cable in a dynamic state will cause the optical cable to exceed the safe distance range. In the installation of accessories, the installation of optical cable accessories should consider its electrical corrosion. Under the influence of the external environment, moisture or dirt will appear on the surface of the optical cable and its anti-vibration whip, which will lead to leakage of the optical cable. Measures need to be taken to prevent this Phenomenon.

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