OPGW Cable Stress Detection Method

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OPGW Cable Stress Detection Method

OPGW Cable structure design








The OPGW power optical cable stress detection method is characterized by comprising the following steps:

1. Screen OPGW power optical cable lines; the screening basis is: high-grade lines must be selected; lines with accident history are preferred; lines with hidden accident hazards are considered;

2. The optical fiber strain analyzer AQ8603 is used to collect and analyze the Brillouin spectrum of the optical fiber;

3. Use BOTDR and OTDR instruments to test the stress and attenuation of the OPGW power optical cable of the backbone network from south to north; and analyze the OPGW power optical cable from the test data and the data collected in step S02 to locate the fault. The present invention can ensure that the staff can timely discover the potential hidden trouble of the OPGW power optical cable, judge the type of the fault and deal with the hidden trouble.

OPGW Cable Installation

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