OPGW Cable is packaged in an all-wood or iron-wood structure fiber optic cable reel

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Before starting the work, you must first understand the type and parameters of the optical cable (cross-sectional area, structure, diameter, unit weight, nominal tensile strength, etc.), the type and parameters of the hardware, and the manufacturer of the optical cable and hardware. Understand the distribution of optical cables, the specific content is how many reels, the use range of towers for each reel, the length of the line and the length of the reel. opgw cable package and shipping 1 Transportation and storage of optical cables Optical cables are packaged in all-wood or iron-wood structure optical cable reels. On both sides of the disk are marked: disk number, cable length, project name, rolling direction and other signs. 1.2 Handling precautions for optical cables Matters needing attention when handling the optical cable are marked on one side of the optical cable packaging plate, as shown in the figure below. 1.3 Transportation of optical cable The optical cable reel must be loaded and unloaded with special vehicles (crane, forklift), and the cable reel should be upright during loading and unloading to avoid damage to the packaged wire rod. It is strictly forbidden to manually push down from the car directly. The length of the single-reel optical cable is generally relatively long, and the optical cable is heavy. The cable reel must be firmly fixed before transportation to ensure that the cable reel will not roll and vibrate randomly during transportation. The cable reel must be upright during transportation, and the cable head should be fixed to prevent the optical cable from loosening. All the wire rods and protection devices must be removed after the optical cable arrives at the construction site for installation. 1.4 Storage of optical cables The optical cable packaging reel contains wood material. In order to make the optical cable unfold safely and smoothly, the following matters should be paid attention to during storage: 1) The optical cable should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, and the place where the optical cable is placed should be flat and solid. touch the optical cable) to prevent the cable drum from being damaged after rolling and collision. 2) Effective measures should be taken in the optical cable storage site to prevent the damage of moths and other harmful insects to wood. 3) In seasons with more rain, a rain-proof cloth should be covered on the optical cable reel to avoid deformation and decay of the optical cable reel after long-term rain, and necessary ventilation should be paid attention to when storing indoors. 4) In the dry season, the wood may dry and shrink after the optical cable reels are stacked for a long time. If possible, soak the optical cable in water one day before the exhibition. The structure of the "power optical cable" optical cable directly affects the transmission quality of the communication system.

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