Not Only PK, But Also Collaboration

BY Hunan GL Technology Co.,Ltd.

POST ON:2021-12-07

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On December 4, the weather was clear and the sun was full of vitality. The team building fun sports meeting with the theme of "I Exercise, I Am Young" officially kicked off in Changsha Qianlong Lake Park. All employees of the company participated in this team building activity. Let go of the pressure at work and devote yourself to team building activities!


Team Flag

jin ge tie ma team

All the friends were full of energy, and under the leadership of the group leader, they gathered and warmed up.

GL team fun sports

There is a youthful smile on the face of the little brother.

smail boy

Miss sister does warm-up exercises, we are all great.

happy girl

Take a step forward and run together, at this moment of us, a slogan is a step!

Bishengke Team

Team alliance, cooperate tacitly, fight to the end!


Through this team building activity, all "GL" paid more attention to team communication and collaboration. Everyone laughed and increased the relationship between various departments. At the same time, they also found a sense of belonging and happiness in the company's big family. Come back full of energy and devote yourself to the future work with a more full mental state!

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