How To Protect FTTH Drop Cable Before Shipping?

BY Hunan GL Technology Co.,Ltd.

POST ON:2021-03-25

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FTTH drop cable is a new type of fiber-optic cable. It is a butterfly-shaped cable. Because it is small in size and light in weight, it is suitable for the application of Fiber to the Home. It can be cut according to the distance of the site, increased the efficiency of construction,It is divided into indoor cable(GJXFH) and outdoor cable(GJXYFCH).

GL Technology As a leading professional fiber optic cable manufacturer, we can offer us our customers with factory price without any third party. Can be customized your ideal size. 3000 km daily production capacity can promise our customers fast delivery time. The most important is we can OEM wooden plate printing and carton printing.

How to protect ftth drop cable before shipping? How to reduce the damage of optical cable during transportation, Here, we share some good suggestions:

1. Check the weather forecast before loading.

2. The pallet for drop cable should not be too high, no more than 5 layers.

3. Use transparent film to wrap the drop cable to prevent water seepage.

4. Use 5 layers or 7 layers carton to package the drop cables.

5. Use steel drum or Strong paper drum.




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