How To Combine ADSS Cable And OPGW Cable?

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POST ON:2021-07-29

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The various advantages of OPGW optical cable make it the preferred type of OPGW optical cable for new construction and renovation line projects. However, because the mechanical properties of OPGW cables are different from those of stranded ground wires, after the ground wires of the original overhead transmission lines are replaced, the load-bearing capacity of the original towers must be verified. If the poles and towers cannot meet the load-bearing requirements, then the poles and towers must be modified to ensure the safety of the transmission line itself.

The transformation of a large number of towers will increase the transformation cost and construction difficulty, and prolong the power outage time of the line, especially when the single-phase short-circuit current of the line is very large near the outlet of the substation. The engineering amount and transformation cost of replacing the original single pole line tower with double pole will be greater. In this case, replacing OPGW cables with adss optical cables can avoid the transformation of single poles for double poles, and ADSS optical cables can achieve non-stop construction and shorten the power outage time of the line.

Compared with the ADSS optical cable, the short-circuit current generated by the single-phase short circuit of the OPGW optical cable has no effect on it. Therefore, the section of the line does not need to be erected with a good conductor to divert, that is, it is not necessary to replace the single pole with a double pole. The following factors should be considered when setting up ADSS. Choose a suitable hanging point to control the electric field intensity within a suitable range, reduce electric corrosion, and extend the service life of the optical cable. Sag control. When it is difficult to guarantee the crossing distance, the hanging point must be re-selected. Adding ADSS optical cables to existing lines requires verification of the crossover distance, especially when there are several important crossovers in the same line. ADSS optical cables can be divided into high-hanging, medium-hanging and low-hanging according to the height of the hanging position.

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