How To Choose The Corner Point Of Adss Optical Cable For 35kv Line?

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POST ON:2021-06-01

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In ADSS optical cable line accidents, cable disconnection is one of the more common problems. There are many factors that cause cable disconnection. Among them, the choice of the corner point of the AS optical cable can be listed as a direct influence factor. Today we will analyze the corner point selection of ADSS optical cable for 35KV line.

There are the following points for the corner points of the 35KV line:
It is not suitable to choose the tops of high mountains, deep ditches, river banks, dams, cliff edges, steep slopes, or places that are easy to be inundated and washed by floods and low-lying water accumulations.
The corner of the line should be placed on a flat ground or a gentle slope at the foot of the mountain, and sufficient construction tight line sites and easy access to construction machinery should be considered.
The selection of the corner point should consider the rationality of the arrangement of the front and rear poles, so as not to cause the adjacent two gears to be too large or too small, thereby causing unnecessary elevation of the poles or increasing the number of poles and other unreasonable phenomena.
The corner point should be as low as possible. The straight pole tower or the place where the tensile tower was originally planned to be installed cannot be used. That is, the corner point selection should be considered in conjunction with the length of the tensile section as much as possible.
For the mountainous route selection, it is necessary to avoid setting up lines in bad geological zones and dry river ditches between mountains, and pay attention to the location of mountain torrent drainage ditches and transportation problems.

Attention should be paid to the selection of the route for the crossing point:
Try to choose the area where the river is narrow, the distance between the two banks is short, the river bed is straight, the river bank is stable, and the two banks are not flooded as much as possible.
(2) Attention should be paid to the geological conditions of the tower: no serious river bank erosion, no weak stratum, and depth of groundwater.
Do not cross the river in the dock and boat berthing area, and avoid crossing the river multiple times to erect lines.


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