How Much Does 24 Core Fiber Optic Cable Cost Per Meter?

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24 core optical fiber cable is a communication cable with 24 built-in optical fibers. It is mainly used for the transmission of long-distance communications and inter-office communications. The 24-core single-mode optical cable has wide bandwidth, fast transmission speed, good confidentiality, anti-electromagnetic field interference, good insulation, long life and good chemical stability.

24 core optical fiber cables are mainly divided into single-mode and multi-mode in terms of transmission. Single mode (inner diameter is 9μm and outer diameter is 125μm), multimode (there are two types, inner diameter is 62.5μm and outer diameter is 125μm and inner diameter is 50μm and outer diameter is 125μm). Single mode is a long-distance transmission mode. There are two wavelengths: 1310 and 1550; multimode is a short-distance transmission mode (the transmission distance is limited to 2000 meters), and the wavelengths are 850 and 1300.

24 core optical cables are mainly divided into two types: outdoor and indoor. There are two main types of outdoor optical cables: center bundled tube type and layer stranded type. Generally, the layer stranded type is more commonly used. The layer stranded type can accommodate a larger number of cores and has better protection performance than the center bundled tube type. Indoor optical cables are mainly of bundled structure (model: GJFJV).

In terms of model selection, the 24-core optical cable mainly has two specifications: center tube type and layer strand type. The center tube type includes GYXTW and GYFXY; the layer type includes GYTA, GYTS and GYTA53; the indoor type includes GJFJV. wait.

1. GYXTW: Center-beamed steel tape armored structure, which can accommodate 4-12 cores and is suitable for pipeline and overhead laying.

2. GYTA: Layer-stranded aluminum tape armored structure, can accommodate 4-288 cores, suitable for pipe and overhead laying.

3. GYTS: Layered steel tape armored structure, can accommodate 4-288 cores, suitable for pipeline and overhead laying.

4. GYTA53: Layer-twisted double-sheathed armored structure, which can accommodate 4-144 cores and is suitable for direct burial, overhead and pipeline laying.

5. GJFJV: Center beam tube structure, can accommodate 4-144 cores, suitable for indoor wiring laying.

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