Fiber Optic Cable Transportation and Storage Guide

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POST ON:2023-10-18

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Transporting fiber optic cables requires a well-coordinated process to prevent damage and maintain the cable's integrity. Companies involved in the installation and maintenance of these critical communication arteries prioritize proper handling and logistics. Cables are typically transported in specially designed containers that shield them from external elements and physical stress during transit. Rigorous quality checks are performed to guarantee that the cables arrive in optimal condition at their intended destinations.

Loading Reels onto Truck: Instructions and Rules 

1. Chocks
2. Chains
3. Nails
4. Hammer
Nail the chocks to the deck in front and behind the reels.
1. Thread two chains through the eye of each reel.
2. Pull one chain to the front of the reel and the other chain to the back of
the reel.
3. Repeat this process for each row of reels.

Loading Reels Onto Truck: Instructions And Rules

Proper storage is paramount to maintain the quality and effectiveness of fiber optic cables. Storage facilities are equipped with climate control systems to regulate temperature and humidity, minimizing the risk of cable degradation. Cables are stored in organized, secure containers to prevent tangling and damage. Routine inspections and maintenance checks are conducted to monitor cable conditions and ensure they remain ready for efficient deployment.

Storage Guides:

  • The reels should be protected from mechanical impact, as well as from sunlight, precipitation and dust.
  • The reels should not be placed on their sides.
  • The storage temperature range is from -58°F to +122°F.

Shipping and handling summary:

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