Features and Application of FTTH Bow-Type Optical Cable

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Introduction to FTTH Bow-Type Optical Cable

FTTH bow-type optical fibre cable (commonly known as rubber covered optical cable). The bow-type optical cable for FTTH users usually contains 1~4
coated silica optical fibres of ITU-T G.657(B6). The coating of the optical fibres can be colored and the color of the colored coating can be blue, orange, green,brown, gray, white, red, black, yellow, purple, pink or aqua that conform to the regulations of GB 6995.2.The single-core optical cable can be its natural color.The strength member in the optical cable can be metal strength members of high strength stainless steel wire or phosphatized steel wire, or non-metalcomposite strength members. There are two strength members in the optical cable, which are placed in parallel and symmetrically in the optical cable sheath. Low smoke zero halogen materials shall be used for the sheath of the indoor bow-type optical cable to meet the indoor cabling requirements of environment protection and flame-retardant. The FTTH bow-type optical cable for outdoor use shall meet the requirements of water-blocking for total cross-section of the optical cable.

Suggestions on the Application of Bow-Type Optical Cable

The bow-type optical cable is mainly used for cabling and connecting the multimedia information box to corridor transition box, optical cable splice closure and telecommunication optical cable cross connecting cabinet. The bow-type optical cable is divided into three types for indoor, self-supporting
aerial and underground duct burial deployment, the prices of the three products are quite different. At present, the price of buried type is about twice the price of indoor type. In general, only in some special application scenarios such as villas without pre-embedded pull boxes during the construction
period, can we consider adopting the underground duct burial bow-type optical cable. As the bow-type optical fibre swerving with small bending radius always occurs in the laying environment, in order to reduce the additional bending loss caused by the small bending radius of the bow-type optical cable and to lower the risk of optical fibre breakage (i.e. to improve the mechanical reliability of the optical fibre) in the bending state for long time, the G.657.A2 optical fibre should be used in the bow-type optical cable.

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