Does the voltage level affect the price of ADSS optical cable?

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POST ON:2021-04-01

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Many customers ignore the voltage level parameter when purchasing ADSS optical cables. When ADSS optical cables were just put into use, my country was still in an undeveloped stage for the ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage fields, and the voltage levels commonly used in conventional power distribution lines were also stable. In the range of 35KV to 110KV, the PE sheath of the ADSS optical cable is sufficient to provide a certain degree of protection.

In recent years, my country’s requirements for the transmission distance have been greatly increased, and the corresponding voltage level has also increased a lot. Distribution lines above 110KV have become a common choice for design units, which has an impact on the performance of ADSS optical cables (anti-tracking) Put forward higher requirements, as a result, AT sheath (tracking resistant sheath) is officially widely used.



The use environment of ADSS optical cable is very harsh and complicated. First, it is laid on the same tower as high-voltage lines, and it runs near high-voltage transmission lines for a long time. There is a strong electric field around it, which makes the outer sheath of ADSS optical cable easily damaged by electrical corrosion. Therefore, when customers understand the price of ADSS optical cable, we will ask clearly the voltage level of the line in order to recommend the most suitable ADSS optical cable specification.

Of course, the performance requirements of the AT sheath (electric tracking resistance) also make its price slightly higher than the PE sheath (polyethylene), which also leads some customers to consider the cost and think that it can be erected normally. Consider more the impact of voltage level.

Case study:Last week, We received a call from a customer and asked us to purchase the ADSS optical cable in March. The specification is ADSS-24B1-300-PE, but the line voltage level is 220KV. Our suggestion is to use ADSS-24B1-300-AT This specification, including the designer also recommends the use of AT sheathed (tracking resistant) optical cable, 23.5KM line, plus supporting hardware, due to budget, it was eventually cheated by irresponsible small manufacturers, and the price was kept low. Because I saw it in our factory and felt relieved to us, we ordered the product according to the ADSS-24B1-300-PE specification. When signing the contract, we clearly stated the potential impact, and there was no problem in the construction on arrival. But now the line has been broken down in several places. From the photo, it is obvious that it is caused by electrical corrosion. This is also cheap for a while, which affects the normal use in the later stage. Finally, we gave a solution to the breakpoint. Reconnect and equip with a few connector boxes. Of course, this is only a temporary solution (if there are many breakpoints, it is recommended to replace the circuit).

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