Differences between Air-blown Micro Cables and Ordinary Optical Cables?

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Micro Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable is mainly used in access network and metropolitan area network.

Air-blown micro cable is the optical cable simultaneously meeting the following three conditions:
(1) Must be applicable to laying in micro tube by air-blowing method;
(2) Dimension must be small enough diameter range: 3.0`10.5mm;
(3) Outer diameter range of micro tube suitable for its air-blowing installation:7.0`16.0mm.

What is the differences between air-blown micro cables and ordinary optical cables?

1 Structural Differences between Air-blown Micro Cables and Ordinary Micro Cables:
1) The difference in diameter between air-blown micro cables and ordinary micro cables: The so-called micro cable, as the name implies, refers to the optical cable with relatively small size, generally with the diameter ranging from 3.0 mm to 10.5 mm. Although no special requirements are specified for the diameter of ordinary optical cable, the basic diameter of ordinary optical cable will be much larger than the diameter of the air-blown micro cable with the same number of cores.

2) The difference of sheath wall thickness between air-blown micro cable and ordinary micro cable: The sheath wall thickness of air-blown micro optical cable is specified as nominal 0.5 mm and not less than 0.3 mm in minimum, while the sheath wall thickness of ordinary optical cable will be greater than
1.0 mm. In this case, the air-blown micro optical cable will have a smaller diameter, lighter weight, and the distance of air blowing will be farther due to the lighter weight of the optical cable.

3) The difference of sheath surface friction coefficient between air-blown micro cable and ordinary micro cable: Since the micro cable with low friction coefficient will have longer air blowing distance, the dynamic friction coefficient of the sheath.surface of the micro cable is required to be not more
than 0.2, while no requirements for surface friction coefficient are specified for the ordinary optical cable.

2 The difference between the production and construction of air-blown micro cables and ordinary micro cables:
1) Production of Air-blown Micro Cables and Ordinary Micro Cables The production of stranding air-blown micro cables is roughly the same as that of ordinary optical cables, except that, because the diameter of air-blown micro cables is small, both the tube size and the production process must be controlled very precisely. In particular, since the micro cables must be constructed in the air-blown micro ducts and one of the better laying conditions is that the duty ratio of the air-blown micro cables to the micro ducts is about 60%, the diameter of the optical cable needs to be controlled more strictly, and no defects can be escaped.

2) Construction of Air-blown Micro Cables and Ordinary Optical Cables
I) The laying method is different. For air-blown micro cables, the construction mode is different from the manual laying mode of ordinary optical fibre cables. The micro cables must be laid with machines; suitable air blowing machine needs to be selected, and the micro cables will be blown into the micro ducts with the mechanical thruster of the air blowing machine. The outer diameter of the micro ducts for cable laying through air blowing is generally about 7-16mm. At the same time, the air compressor conveys the powerful air flow into the duct through the air blowing machine, and the high-speed air flow forms a forward thrust force on the optical cable surface, which causes the micro cable to “float” forward in the micro duct.

II) The force acting on the air-blown micro cable is different from that acting on the ordinary optical cable. There are two main forces acting on the micro cable. One is the air blowing machine’s thrust force which pushes the cable into the micro duct. The cable is small in diameter, light in weight, and has the
characteristics of long laying distance at one time and fast laying speed by air blowing.

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