Common Accidents And Prevention Methods of ADSS Optical Cable

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POST ON:2021-08-24

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The first thing to be stated is that in the selection of ADSS optical cables, manufacturers with a larger market share should be given priority. They often guarantee the quality of their products in order to maintain their reputation. In recent years, the quality of domestic ADSS optical cables has improved rapidly, and the after-sales service and tracking management are relatively complete. The production process is sophisticated and has excellent stress-strain performance.

ADSS optical cable characteristics:
1. The ADSS optical cable is hung on the inside of the cable and can be erected without power;
2. Light weight, small cable length, and small load on poles and towers;
3. Large span, up to 1200 meters;
4. The polyethylene sheath is adopted, which has good electric corrosion resistance;
5. Non-metallic structure, anti-lightning strike;
6. Imported aramid fiber, good tensile performance and temperature performance, suitable for severe weather in the north and other places;
7. Long life span, up to 30 years.


Common accident prevention methods for ADSS optical cables:

1. Appearance damage: Because some fiber optic cable lines pass through hills or mountains, there are rocky rocks and thorny grasses. The fiber optic cable is easy to rub on the trees or rocks, and it is very easy to scratch or bend, especially the fiber optic cable sheath. It is worn out and the surface is not smooth. Due to dust and salty environment, electrical corrosion is prone to occur during use, which will cause great harm to the service life. There must be multiple people to supervise the construction, and the preparation work must be carefully checked before towing.

2. Optical fiber and high loss point: the phenomenon of fiber breakage and high loss point is caused by the local stress caused during the construction and laying-out process. During the laying process, the speed of the jumper of the optical cable is uneven and the force is not constant. , The diameter of the corner guide wheel, and the looping of the fiber optic cable, etc., can be caused. Sometimes it is found that the center FRP is broken. Because the center FRP is a non-metallic material, the fiber optic cable retracts after being stretched, and the disconnection will be dislocated and broken. The FRP head will damage the loose tube of the optical fiber, and even damage the optical fiber. This phenomenon is also a relatively common failure. Many people think that it is a quality problem of the optical cable, but it is actually caused by an accident during construction. Therefore, constant tension control during construction is very important, and it must be at a constant speed.

3. Fiber breakage failure at the tensile end: The fiber breakage at the tensile end is also one of the more frequent accidents. It often occurs near the tensile hardware (pre-twisted wire), within 1 meter from the end of the hardware, and also from the tower behind the hardware. The leading part, the former is often caused by improper operation when pre-twisting the wire fittings, and the latter is often caused by the inconvenient terrain, the angle of the traction end is too small when the line is tightened, or it is short of the tower (rod). The extremely small bending radius of the time is caused by the local force of the optical cable. During construction, pay attention to the direction of traction to be consistent with the direction of the optical cable, so that the optical cable is subjected to a straight line.

 4. Since both the optical cable sheath material and the stressed components have good elastic properties, often after the optical cable is subjected to a short period of force, there will be no obvious scars on the surface of the sheath, and the optical fiber components inside have been stressed. At this time, most people will think that it is the quality problem of the optical cable itself, which will cause misunderstanding of the problem. I hope it can give a judgement when analyzing and dealing with problems of this kind of phenomenon. Attach importance to the protection of ADSS optical cables. Optical fiber resources should be planned and managed as a whole by the provincial power communications department; it is clear that the power line maintenance department is responsible for the operation and management of ADSS optical cables. Changes in the operation mode of power lines or changes to the lines should be notified to relevant departments in time; establishment Improve the regular line inspection system, check various protective measures, hang warning signs, and find that the optical cable is damaged or electrical corrosion occurs, and the design department, manufacturer, and construction department should be contacted in time to analyze the cause and system.

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