Application of OPGW Optical Cable In Power System

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POST ON:2024-04-23

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OPGW is a dual functioning cable performing the duties of a ground wire and also providing a patch for the transmission of voice, video or data signals . The fibers are protected from environmental conditions (lightning, short circuit, loading) to ensure reliability and longevity. The cable is designed to be installed on transmission and distribution lines to carry voice, data and video communications, especially in lighting waveform monitoring system, an observation system for overhead test line, maintenance data information system, power line protection system, power line operation system, and unmanned substation monitoring.

OPGW cable has two types of constructions: Central loose tube type & Multi loose tube type.

The editor below will briefly talk about an application of OPGW optical cable in power systems. OPGW optical cables are mainly used in power systems to transmit communication signals, support transmission lines, and transmit power signals.

1. Transmission of communication signals: OPGW optical cable can be used to transmit communication signals, such as telephone, data, video, etc., to meet the communication needs in the power system, such as remote monitoring, fault diagnosis, etc.

2. Support transmission lines: The inner core of OPGW optical cable uses metal cables, which can support the transmission lines, while also protecting the transmission lines and enhancing their stability and reliability.

3. Transmit power signals: The inner core of OPGW optical cable uses metal cables, which can be used to transmit power signals to meet the power transmission needs in the power system, such as current, voltage, etc.

4. Live operation: OPGW optical cable has good insulation performance and can be used for live operation to reduce power outage time and maintenance costs while improving the reliability of the power system.

In short, the application of OPGW cable can make the power system more intelligent, stable and reliable, providing strong support for the construction and operation of the power system.

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