Air-blown Optical Cable

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POST ON:2021-07-06

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Microcables are installed by blowing in pre-installed buried micro-ducts. Blowing means cost reduction deployment, compared with fibre optic classic installation methods (duct, directly buried, or ADSS). There are several advantages in the blowing cable technology, but main one is rapidness, and work simplicity: with in a single duct installation, customer would have multiple options of fibre optic counts and cable upgrade in the future.

GL as a professional fiber optic cable manufacturer in China for more than 17 years, we are specialized in types of air-blown fiber optic cables, our micro cable are expoerted all over the word, such Canada, Italy, Iran, Kenya, etc;


Our Air-blown Cable include:

Down Sized Stranded Loose Tube Type;
Stranded Loose Tube(GCYFY);
Central Loose Tube Micro Fiber Cable(GCYFXTY);
Enhanced Performance Fibre Units (EPFU);

GL is always willing to be close to customer needs, and that was the way we learned how important is stiffness and cable diameter tolerance to succeed blowing fibre optic micro cables. specifically designed to reach distances of more than 2 km with high blowing speed.

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