Air Blown Cable VS Ordinary Optical Fiber Cable

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The air blown cable greatly improves the utilization efficiency of the tube hole, so it has more market applications in the world. The micro-cable and micro-tube technology (JETnet) is the same as the traditional air-blown fiber optic cable technology in terms of laying principle, that is, "mother tube-sub tube-fiber optic cable", but its technical content is much higher than that of ordinary fiber optic cable. It is a high-tech. Processes, materials, and structural design have been greatly improved and improved, and the size of supporting products such as cables and pipes has been minimized, maximized use of pipeline space, saved construction costs, and made network construction more flexible sex.

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Advantages of air blown cable:

1. Compared with traditional stranded fiber optic cables, the amount of materials and processing costs for the same number of air blown cables are greatly reduced.

2. The structure size is small, the line quality is small, the weather resistance is good, and the optical cable can be reused.

3. Good bending performance, the miniature optical cable has better resistance to lateral pressure under normal working conditions.

4. It is suitable for overhead and pipeline laying. The reinforced steel rope of a smaller specification can be used for overhead laying. The existing pipeline resources can be saved when the pipeline is laid.

The application difference between micro air blown cable and ordinary fiber optic cable on expressway also highlights the technical advantages:

1. Differences in construction methods:

Air blown cable: The micro-tube and micro-cable technology adopts the laying mode of "mother tube-daughter tube-micro cable".
Ordinary optical cable: lay directly on the existing mother tube (silicon core tube).

2. Laying method:

Air blowncable: If you need to use micro-cable on the highway, you need to blow the micro-pipe first, and then lay the cable.
Ordinary optical cable: It is usually deployed manually.
3. Post-maintenance:
Air blown cable: Since the optical cable will be installed in advance during the laying process of the optical cable, if there is a problem with the optical cable during the later use, the maintenance personnel can drag the optical cable one by one to realize the rapid maintenance of the communication line. The air-blown micro-optical cable and the ordinary optical cable use the same optical fiber, so there is no need to worry about any problems in the fusion between the air blown cable and the ordinary cable.

Ordinary optical fiber cable: As the cable is not pre-installed or the distance of the storage point is relatively long during the laying process of the optical cable, if there is a problem with the optical cable in the later use process, it is inconvenient for maintenance personnel to repair and maintain the optical cable, and it takes a long time.

The outer diameter of the air blown cable optical cable is relatively thin, which is greatly reduced compared with the ordinary optical cable. This means that if the existing pipeline resources of the expressway are tight or insufficient, the use of the air blown cable can well overcome this problem.

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