Advantages of FTTH optical cable

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POST ON:2023-09-20

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The main advantages of FTTH optical cable are:

1. it is a passive network. From the central office to the user, the middle can basically be passive.

2. its bandwidth is relatively wide, and long distance is just in line with the large-scale use of operators.

3. because it is a service carried on optical fiber, there is no problem.

4. because its bandwidth is relatively wide, the protocols it supports are relatively flexible.

5. with the development of technology, relatively complete functions have been developed including point-to-point, 1.25G and FTTH methods.

Directly connecting optical fiber to users' homes has no restrictions on its bandwidth, wavelength and transmission technology types. It is suitable for introducing various new services. It is the most ideal business transparent network and the ultimate way to develop access networks.

Two typical FTTH optical cables are as follows:

1.The specific structure of FTTH indoor suspended optical cable (covered optical cable)

Suitable for indoor wiring, the performance is stable and reliable; it is produced with small bending radius optical fiber and has excellent bending resistance; the construction is safe and reliable, and can be treated like copper cables, and is not prone to construction failures; the optical cable can be stripped without tools, and the optical cable is easy to fix , low installation cost; optical cables can be terminated on site.


2. Self-supporting figure 8 wiring optical cable (covered optical cable)

Compact structure, soft and easy to construct, and the optical cable is easy to fix; the suspension components and the optical fiber unit are separated at the home entrance, and the optical fiber unit is directly connected to the home, eliminating the need for indoor and outdoor optical cable transfers; there is no need to erect hanging wires and hooks during laying, and the construction efficiency is high and the construction cost is reduced Low; suitable for overhead introduction of optical cables in independent households.

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