Advantages of Composite/Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable

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POST ON:2021-09-30

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Composite or Hybrid Fiber Optic Cables that have a number of different components laid up within the bundle. These types of cables allow for multiple transmission paths by various components, whether they be metal conductors or fibre optics, and allow the user to have a single cable, therefore reducing the overall cost and lead time for installation.

 Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable

Why Hybrid fiber optic cable can be used so widely? Today, GL's professional technical team shows you the advantages of composite cables.

(1)The outer diameter is small, the weight is light, and the space is small (usually a series of problems that can be solved with multiple cables, here can be replaced by a composite cable);
(2) Customer purchase costs are low, construction costs are low, and network construction costs are low;
(3) It has superior bending performance and good lateral pressure resistance, and is convenient for construction;
(4) Provide multiple transmission technologies at the same time, with high adaptability and scalability of the same equipment, and wide range of product applications;
(5) Provide huge bandwidth access;
(6) Save cost, use optical fiber as reserved for home, avoiding secondary wiring;
(7) Solve the problem of equipment power consumption in network construction (avoid repeated deployment of power supply lines)

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