The Basic Knowledge Of Armored Fiber Optic Cable

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The Basic Knowledge Of Armored Fiber Optic Cable

Recently, many customers have consulted our company for the purchase of armored optical cables, but they do not know the type of armored optical cables. Even when purchasing, they should have purchased single-armored cables, but they purchased underground double-armored cables. Armored double-sheathed fiber optic cables, which in turn led to increased costs for secondary purchases. Therefore, Hunan Optical Link Network Department and Technology Department hereby analyze armored fiber optic cables to the majority of customers.

armored fiber optic cable

1. Definition of armored optical cable:

The so-called armored optical fiber (optical cable) is to wrap a layer of protective “armor” on the outside of the optical fiber, which is mainly used to meet the requirements of customers for anti-rat biting and moisture resistance.

2. The role of armored optical cable:

Generally, the armored jumper has a metal armor inside the outer skin to protect the inner core, which has the function of resisting strong pressure and stretching, and can prevent rodents and insects.

3. Classification of armored optical cable:

According to the place of use, it is generally divided into indoor armored fiber optic cables and outdoor armored fiber optic cables. This article will explain outdoor armored fiber optic cables. Outdoor armored fiber optic cables are divided into light armor and heavy armor. Light armor has steel tape (GYTS optical cable) and aluminum tape (GYTA optical cable), which are used to strengthen and prevent rodents from biting. The heavy armor is a circle of steel wire on the outside, which is generally used on the riverbed and the seabed. There is also a double-armored type, which is often mistaken by customers. This type of optical cable contains an outer sheath and an inner sheath. The price is more expensive than that of a single-armored cable because it is more expensive in terms of production process and cost. It belongs to buried optical cable, so when purchasing, you must figure out where the optical cable is used. Although GYTA optical cable and GYTS optical cable can also be buried, because they are single-armored, they must be piped when buried, and the cost needs to be calculated. .

If it is an outdoor overhead optical cable, in order to avoid severe environment, human or animal damage (for example, it is often the case that someone breaks the optical fiber when a bird is shot with a shotgun) and protects the fiber core, generally armored optical cable is used. It is recommended to use light armor with steel armor, which is cheaper and more durable. Using light armor, the price is cheap and durable. Generally, there are two types of outdoor overhead optical cables: one is the central bundle tube type; the other is the stranded type. In order to be durable, one layer of sheath is used for overhead, and two layers of sheath are used for direct burial, which is safer.

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