Indoor FTTH Bow-Type Drop Cable

FTTH Drop Cables are good to use for fiber to the home last mile solution, it has small diameter and light weight, this makes it space-saving and easy to handle, the optical fiber cable is with special structure so it is easy to pull the fibers out from the cables, the FTTH drop cables are ideal to use for direct installation into the houses, suitable for being used in homes and offices.

  • Product Name: Indoor FTTH Bow-Type Drop Cable
  • Brand Place of Origin: GL Hunan,China (Mainland)
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    Package & Tansportation


    1,All types of fiber cables with different structures.
    2,High performance optical network operating.
    3,High speed optical routes in buildings (FTTX).

    Temperature Range:

    Operating :-20℃ to 60℃
    Storage :-20℃ to 60℃

    Double Core Side By Side Bow-Type Drop Cable:

    1,Two Bow-type cables can be installed at the same time.
    2,Each typical cable can be separately terminated and doesn’t need to be separated.

    Rotundity Drop Cable

    Small diameter, Aramid yarn strength member. excellent softness and high strength.

    Duct Bow-Type Drop Cable

    1,The kind of cable is suitable for duct to the home;
    2,Excellent waterproof performance and excellent tensile strength;
    3,Excellent lateral waterproof performance.

    Water-Proof Cable:

    1,Excellent lateral waterproof performance and excellent tensile strength;
    2,Each Sub-cable unit can be separately terminated.


    1,Lighter and small diameter, flame retardant , separated easily and excellent softness;
    2,The glass fiber bar, aramid fiber rods and small wire are as strength member;
    3,The steel wire and stranding steel wire have excellent performance of tensile strength as the Self-Supporting bow-type drop cable’s messenger wire ;
    4,Excellent flame retardant performance.


    Comply with standard YD/T1258.2-2003 and IEC 60794-2-10/11

    1,Only a part of FTTH Drop Cable are listed in the table. More can be produce as required .
    2,Cables can be supplied with a range of single mode or multimode fibers.
    3,Specially designed Cable structure is available on request.

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