24 Port Indoor FTTH Optic Fiber Distribution Box

24 port indoor/outdoor FTTH optic fiber terminal box is light and compact to provide the good protection for fiber optic cable and pigtails in FTTH cable.

FTTH fiber optical terminal box, outdoor fiber optic termination box is used in wiring connection between optical cable and optical communication equipment, through adapter in distribution box, optical fiber jumper leads optical signal, realize optical wiring function, and can meet the optical splitter placed to achieve spectral function

Product Name:Distribution Box

Brand Place of Origin: GL Hunan,China (Mainland)

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1,Water-proof design with IP-65 Protection level;

2.,Integrated with splice cassette and cable management tools;

3,Manage large quantities of fiber with a high packing density;

4,Easy to maintain and extend the capacity;

5,Fiber bend radius control more than 40mm;

6,Suitable for the fusion splice or mechanical splice or fast connector;

7,Capacity of fiber up to 24 ports;

8,UV protection and anti-aging material;

9,Burglar-proof padlock.

Function Cable terminal
Adaptor FC,SC,LC,SC-FC
Connection method Fast field connection
Cable 4 figure soft cable, indoor cable, general outdoor cable
Standard Accessory Box on set
Optional Accessory FC adaptor, SC adaptor, LC adaptor(SC type)

Only a part of Distribution Boxes are listed here. We can depend on customer’s requirement to producing the different model Distribution Boxes.

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