Bulk Network Cable in Stock and Ready to Ship

GL hold stock of several different types of bulk fiber optic cable, Including ADSS, OPGW, FTTH Drop Cable, And other types optical cables.  Shop online with us and enjoy outstanding quality, friendly customer service, and some of the lowest prices available.

For more information on a particular type of bulk fiber cable, or to make a purchase, browse our complete selection bulk fiber optic cable below:

S.No Description Qty(m)
1 GYFTZY-24B1 2,000 
3 ADSS-24B1-400-PE 1,636 
4 GYFTZY-24B1  800 
5 GYTA53-16B1  1,699 
6 GYTA53-24B1 600 
7 GYTS-8B1  4,062 
8 GYXTW-8B1.3  10,200 
9 GYXTW-12B1.3  3,000 
11 OPGW-30B1-55[65.2;21.4] 2,500 
12 OPGW-24B1-96(83:58.8) 4,590 
14 OPGW-36B1+12B4-60(69.7;24.5) 5,000 
15 ADSS-24B1.3 4,000 
16 ADSS-36B1.3 4,000 
17 GYFXTY-4B1.3 42,000 
18 GYFXTY-12B1.3 3,000 
19                                                  FTTH Drop Cable                           Description: 2-core G652D, single beam tube, 2*1.0MM FRP, HDPE sheath, cable diameter 6.2MM; 2KM/reel 8,200 
20                                                   ADSS-24F24-core  Description: single-mode G652D, span 100 meters, RTS 2.5KN, 1+5 structure, including 1 tear rope,   water blocking tape, cable diameter 9.5 MM, HDPE sheath, other specific specifications refer to the specifications; Hot stamping: "Next Fiber" ADSS-24 G652D-AS100 2020 XXXM 49,200 
21                                                 GYTS-12F 12-core single-mode G652D Description: steel tape armor, with tear rope, 1+5 structure, diameter: 9.5-10.0 MM, HDPE sheath,; other specific specifications refer to the specification; hot-printing: "Next Fiber ”GYTS-12 G652D-SM-ARMORED 2020 XXXM 12,150 
22                                                GJYXCH-2B6 Description: 2-core G657A2 optical fiber blue-orange fiber core, 1.0mm phosphating steel wire + 0.45mm phosphating steel wire*2, black C-grade LSZH, cable diameter 2MM*5MM, composite wooden tray pallet 7-layer carton packaging and packaging Long-distance transportation by sea, 1310nm≤0.35,1550nm≤0.21 Printing: "Next Fiber" FTTH CABLE 2 CORE G657A2 LSZH 2020 xxxxM 145,000

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