FTTH Flat Fiber Optic Drop Cable

PE Sheath FRP Flat Drop Cable possesses high tensile strength and flexibility in compact cable sizes. At the same time, it provides excellent optical transmission and physical performance.

Product Name: Flat Fiber Optic Drop Cable

Fiber Type: G652D, G655,G657A,G657B

Strength Member: FRP

Material Of Jacket: UV And Flame Resistant LSZH

Color: Black /Grey/White

Standards: IEC 60794-1 YD/T901-2009




Package & Tansportation

The cable consists of a central loose tube, filled with a synthetic oil based jelly, non-nutritive to fungus, electrically non-conductive, homogeneous and free from dirt
and foreign matter, containing up to24 optical fibres.
Two Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) elements are longitudinally applied parallel with the tube, and an outer black PE sheath, UV resistant.
Compact design for self-supporting use
2 FRP supports long span
Light weight and small diameter, easy for installation
Loose tube with gel filled give good protection for the fiber
1. Outer jacket HDPE;
2. 2mm/ 1.5mm FRP;
3. Fiber single mode G657A1/ G657A2;
4. size 4.0*7.0mm/ 4.3*8.0mm;
5. PBT Loose tube;
6. Filling Gel.
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The Properties of Single Mode Fiber(G652D,G657A)

flat drop cable

Technical Parameter:

drop cable9-8

Mechanical And Environment:

flat drop cable5


1.Only a part of FTTH Drop cables are listed in the table. Cables with other specifications can be inquired.
2.Cables can be supplied with a range of single mode or multimode fibers.
3.Specially designed Cable structure is available

Packaging Details:
Packed by Plywood and Carton.


Packing and Marking:

  • 1km/2km one plate wooden package
  • 7-layer carton outer box
  • Covered by plastic buffer she
  • Sealed by strong wooden battens
  • At least 1 m of inside end of cable will be reserved for testing.
  • Drum length: Standard drum length is 3,000m±2%; as required
  • 5.2 Drum Marking(can according to the requirement in the technical specification) Manufacturer name
  • OEM wooden plate printing
  • OEM carton printing
  • Manufacturing year and month Roll—direction arrow;Drum length; Gross/net weight.

Packaging and Shipping:

drop cable package-5


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