What Are The Factors That Affect The Distribution of ADSS Cables?

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POST ON:2021-11-02

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The distribution of ADSS optical cable is an important issue in the order construction of ADSS optical cable. When the adopted line and conditions are clear, the distribution of the ADSS optical cable must be considered. The factors that affect the distribution are:


(1) Since the ADSS optical cable is a power optical cable, unlike ordinary optical cables, it can be spliced ​​arbitrarily (because the core of the optical fiber cannot be stressed). The reel length of ADSS optical cable should be controlled within 3~5Km as far as possible. If the length of the coil is too long, it is inconvenient to construct; if it is too short, there will be more connections, and the attenuation of the path will be large, which will affect the transmission quality of the optical cable.

(2) In addition to the length of the transmission line as the main basis for the length of the optical cable reel, the natural conditions between the poles and towers should also be considered, such as whether the tractor is convenient to travel and whether the tension machine can be placed.

(3) Due to the error of the circuit design, the following empirical formula can be used for the distribution of ADSS optical cable:

Optical cable reel length = transmission line length × coefficient + construction consideration length + welding length + line error;

Usually "coefficient" includes line sag, over-extraction length of poles and towers, etc. The length considered in construction is the length used for traction during construction.

(4) The distance between the hanging points of ADSS optical cables is generally not less than 7m. When determining the distribution, the gap should be simplified to reduce the types of optical cables, which can reduce the number of spare parts (such as various suspension fittings, etc.) , And convenient for construction.



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